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Pocket Loop - Winter 2002
Dissonance, headscan, HMB,
NETZ, Niekka RPM, Stromkern,
The High Priestness, Psyche,
cesium137, Devour Ensemble
Pocket Loop - Spring 2002
hop-frog's fatwa, POOCH,
Stewart & Sarah, grigori 3,
Regancy Buck, Seven 13,
SERCA, 1 Giant Leap,
Sara Ayers, St. Germain,
Jet Set Radio
Pocket Loop - Summer 2002
Maroon 5, Beborn Benton,
Jucifer, Lilac Ambush,
Zeitgeist, Spellgate,
the Sepia, Télépopmusik
Pocket Loop - Fall 2002
Black Sabbath tribute,
34 Satellite, CESIUM137,
Cannibal Whore Feast,
Vampire Beach Babes,
Midnight Syndicate, Y-Luk-O,
Dein Schatten, Null_Object,
State Of The Union, i-defy,
Secret Agent Gel
Pocket Loop - Winter 2003
Blue Eyed Christ, Minefield,
cut.rate.box, Dead Turns Alive,
Massiv in Mensch, Peaches,
Seij minus aC, Agency-X,
Marilyn Manson tribute,
Mothers Gaping Hole,
The Hungry Ghost, Lilac Ambush
Pocket Loop - Spring 2003
the D4, Dark Muse, Robert Poss,
Stromkern, Room With A View,
Minefield, Psyche, xARKANEx,
Butterfly Messiah, Brainclaw,
Crowhead, Monstrum Sepsis
Pocket Loop - Summer 2003
Pink Floyd - DSOTM DVD,
Collide, ohGr, Mercury Boy,
Somniloquies,V.1 compilation,
Trigger10d, Large Number,
Distorted Reality, Lazy Lane,
Arizing, Butterfly Messiah
Pocket Loop - Fall 2003
Charmed the TV soundtrack,
Midnight Syndicate, KMFDM,
Pissing Razors,Zakk Wylde,
The Thessalonian Dope Gods,
Repentance Born, Deita Klaus,
TOPSYTURVY,Geminus Sect,
Zakas, Prospect Place
Pocket Loop - Winter 2004
Switchfoot, Kati King,
Hungry Lucy, Serious Black,
Rain Paint, Blank, Soren,
Blessed Virgin Larry,
KLIMT 1918, Lockwood,
PSYCHE, La Floa Maldita
Pocket Loop - Spring 2004
Paul McCartney tribute,
Rasputine, Testube,
Brainclaw, Tweaker
Pocket Loop - Summer 2004
BLANK, Nerve Exhibit, CLIENT,
Trigger10d, Dope Stars Inc.,
Monstrum Sepsis,Lilac Ambush,
Diamanda Galas
Pocket Loop - Fall 2004
Die Warzau,
Liabach, Moonitor vs Blank,
State Of The Union,
Ressurection 2 compilation,
Mean Girls soundtrack
Pocket Loop - Winter 2005
Suicide, Fake, PTI,
Lazy Lane, Rauwolfia,
Zeitgeist, Fenton Feckler,
Witchkrieg, DROOM
Pocket Loop - Spring 2005
Villa Vortex, Mike Comfort,
Backlash,Drums of Death,
Feersum Ennjin, Curiosity,
State Of The Union
Pocket Loop - Summer 2005
Meat Beat Manifesto,
She Wants Revenge,
VIVA K, Midnight Syndicate,
Stromkern, doomsday virus
Pocket Loop - Fall 2005
KORN piano tribute,
Ureus Exit,Janosch Moldau,
imogen heap, Clear Static,
Acumen Nation, Cabaret,
Autopilot, Headscan,
Mind Ripper compilation
Pocket Loop - Winter 2006
Synthetic Dream Foundation,
My Chemical Romance tribute,
Stomkern, PTI, Steril,
She Wants Revenge, anahoneic
Pocket Loop - Spring 2006
Boom Boom Satelites,
Fenton feckler, Backlash,
Alice in Videoland,
Massive in Mensch, Motor,
Evermore, Ureus Exit
Summer/Fall 2006
Steril, pure reason revolution,
Schultz,Massive in Mensch,
120 Days, Midnight Syndicate
Winter/Spring 2007
Throbbing Gristle,
Liabach,Silent Scream,
The Horrors, Zeigeist
Summer/Fall 2007
Cabaret,Villa Vortex,
Empty, School Yard Heros,
Synthetic Dream Foundation,
Key Dragon
Winter/Spring 2008
Cathedral Park,Crashsite,
DJ Accucrak,Acumen Nation,
phenotract, SMP
After a 7 year hiatus

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