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String Quartet Tribute to Black Sabbath
Czech String Quartet plays Black Sabbath, YEA!!!
Cannibal Whore Feast - SEX COWBOY
Pop Music for Maniacs - crossover Industrial
Vampire Beach Babes - Reckless Summer
Canadian Gothic 60's surf rock cult band
Midnight Syndicate - Vampyre
Soundtracks for your darkest nightmares
CESIUM137 - Advance/Decay
Modern EBM from electro industrial Philadelphia
Null_Objct - 6 Track DEMO
American Indie Electro Rock/epic trip hop
Y-Luk-O - Dead Without You
Electro Industrial-nu-Metal London duo
State Of The Union - Black City lights
American Electro-industrial Body Music
34 Satellite - STOP
Third CD. Americian college indie pop ballads
Dein Schatten - Das ewige Eis
German master of Darkwave/Gothic Electronica
i-defy - Guides To Action
Electro punk metal five piece bomb shell
Secret Agent Gel - P as in Peter,F as in Frank
American post-modern musique concrete noize

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