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Charmed - The TV Soundtrack
The sountrack for the hit TV show Charmed
Midnight Syndicate - D&D Video Game Soundtrack
Offical Dungeons and Dragons background music
Pissing Razors - Evolution
high fueled El Paso metal sonic attack
Repentance Born - Follow The Sun EP
Alternative Dark Euro Metal from Whales
Ultra Heavy International Industrial
The Thessalonian Dope Gods - High Idol Pulsation
Ohio duo makes Techo garage rock
Zakk Wylde - Black Label Society
Hard rockin ex-Ozzy New Jersey metal head
ZAKAS - Illegitimus Non Carborundum
Las Vegas Avant Cinematic Industrial Metal
TOPSYTURVY - yvrutyspot
visual experimental industrial from Montreal
GEMINUS SECT - Germination
Midwestern techoIndustrial/metal twins
DEITA KLAUS - Order of the Golden Dawn
Sexy Gothic Industrial Metal Galaxy Queen
Prospect Place - Self Titled Debut
NYC female duo plays pure pop rock

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