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Stewart and Sarah - Music for Elevators
Buffy TV Star meets Pro Pop musician
SERCA - Singularity Demo
British Industrial metal/Electro POP trio
Sara Ayer - Interiors
dense ambient soundscapes, American art rock
Regency Buck - Deliverance
Dark Driven Disco - British alternative rock
St Germain - St. Germain's Boulevard
eclectic French cross-over electro-jazz
The Latch Brothers - Jet Set Radio Future
electro hip hop rock - funky future music
hop-frog's fatwa - The Silk Road
midi-eastern ambient psychedelic electro
SEVEN 13 - Unleashed
theatrical alternative rock from Boston
GRIGORI 3 - Debut Single
modern metal side of Chicago darkwave
POOCH - indivitual
Detroit funk rock hip hop electronica
1 Giant Leap - self titled compilation
International world music compilation

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