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the D4 - 6Twenty
garage rock power-pop from New Zealand
Dark Muse - Sounds from beyond the Silver Wheel
Experimental Dark Ambient soundscapes
Robert Poss - Distortion is Truth
power chord drone fest - ambient electronic
absolutely Teutonic EBM from Wisconsin USA
Room With A View - First Year Departure
vintage avantgardish gothic metal from Italy
MINEFIELD - War Machine
Canadian Songstress takes on the USA
Butterfly Messiah - It's Time
Dark Folk Industrial EBM from Southern USA
PSYCHE - Endangered Species
Old school synth-trance - modern synth-pop
xARKANEx - Arcane Elitism
neoclassical symphonic dark ambient soloist
BRAINCLAW - Self Title Demo
Male/female team from Philly - Elektro Darkwave
CROWHEAD - frozen
fantastic Norwegian gothic industrial metal duo
Monstrum Sepsis - deep sea creatures
American experimental industrial EBM/IDM

Since 1998