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CESIUM137 - Interview with loopZineTV
The EBM Boys from Philly answer my questions
Dissonance - Reincarnate
American Pop/Industrial/Alternative dance
devour ensemble - The moon's Bright 3rd
Eclectic Dark Alternative from Australia
HEADSCAN - Shaper and Mechanist
hard trance/elektro Canadian duo
H M B - Great Industrial Love Affairs
German/American Male/Female Electro duo
Niekka RPM - No Mercy
New York male/female duo hard electro dance
NETZ - Werk 02
Melodius POP German Electro Body Music
PSYCHE - An American Diary
excerpts from the North American tour
STROMKERN - Armageddon
classically influenced electro-industrial
The High Priestess - Sellisternia
Soft sexy gothic/electro/pop Yowzer!

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