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Blue Eyed Christ - AMERICAN WHORE
LA guitar based industrial - similar to Ministry
cut.rate.box - dataseed
Hardcore American Electro Body Music. Oh YES
Dead Turns Alive - Salvation and Despair
German soloist does USA electro/Euro elektro
Massiv In Mensch - Die rein
German Dark Rave - EBM techno fusion
MINEFIELD - After the Ball
etheral gothic ambient pop from Canada
Salvation+Devotion - A Marilyn Manson tribute
a compilation of Manson covers by others
Peaches - The Teaches of Peaches
Canadian Electroclash performance artist
Seij minus aC - Less Physical Vortex
Japanese electro-industrial noize soloist
AGENCY-X - Don't Hold Your Breath
Swedish American duo does 80's style Synth Pop
Mothers Gaping Hole - Crib Death
Eclectic Electro from up state New York
The Hungry Ghost - Self Titled Debut
trip hop gothic chinese american poet
Lilac Ambush - A LoopZine.TV interview
Boston SynthPop duo answer my questions

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