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Hungry LUCY - Glo
Male/femal duo - TripHop Industrial Pop
Serious Black - Barbican
Gothic Industrial Electronica - dark ambient
switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown
Alternative Californian surf rockers
Rain Paint - nihil nisi mors
Dark Wave from Finland - melodic gothic metal
BLANK - Overhead EP
Fast aggressive electro trance by an Italian duo
Blessed Virgin Larry - POLICE STATE
Flordia's original Shock Rock Industrial duo attacks
KLIMT 1918 - Undressed Momento
avant-garde metal Italian Neo Prog Rock
LOCKWOOD - Self Titled Demo
original electric soundscapes from NYC
Kaki King - Everybody Loves You
New York City acoustic guitar master
La Floa Maldita - Salut Jacques
classic electronica - French/German duo
PSYCHE - Babylon Deluxe
Synth Pop Canadian transplant from Germany
SOREN - The Dying Man
Dark tribal Trance, neo-folk gothic rock

Since 1998